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Handmade Art Room is located in Causeway Bay. It is a comprehensive art space that specializes in providing different types of art handicraft activities. Whether it is children's art courses, couples activities, parent-child activities, you can find suitable courses here. Adult/children's painting courses , leather workshop, balloon craft, crochet craft, magic, tie-dye, paper craft, perfume, lipstick, handmade soap, handmade coffee, glass craft, wool felt, parent-child bath ball, English calligraphy, candle course, screen printing. .....It’s all inclusive! Whether you are a child who wants to learn art, or you are a close friend looking for activities, we can set up a company team building! We can help you tailor a course that suits you! Don’t worry about finding activities anymore!

Company Activities/Team Building

Why are you so worried about organizing activities for your company? Our craft class specializes in providing different interest activities for various organizations and centers. You just need to tell us your time, location, number of people and activity budget, and we can help you. Arrange a series of interest activities. Each of our tutors has been strictly screened to help you find the most suitable activities~~ Whatsapp us now Tel: 55420244

Why are you looking for us?

Choose from rich

  • More than 200 workshops of all kinds.

  • Novel, interesting and trendy.


  • A phone call informs the time, location, and number of people, and the event will appear at the designated location on time.

  • One-stop handles all the work of event arrangement, saving you a lot of manpower and material resources spent on finding activities, instructors, and venues.

high quality

  • The activities are of high quality, the works are exquisite, the materials are high-quality and the equipment is complete.

  • Professional tutors have been strictly selected and trained, and they have cheerful personalities and clear explanations.

  • Extensive experience coaching large numbers of attendees at large institutions.

Price concessions

We will find an activity suitable for you based on your budget! Reduce working hours

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Past cooperative institutions

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Find us now

Address: 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Handmade class room 


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