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What is Art Jamming? In fact, this wordThe language comes from music, which means freedom, improvisation and randomnessmeans, just like we often hear"Jam" is the same as improvising and having fun with others. And Art Jamming means improvisational art.Improvise and paint with others. Most people think that Art Jamming is difficult when they first come into contact with it. If you don’t have a painting background, you may find it boring or the paintings won’t look good. Art Jamming in the painting class room will have instructors to guide the participants. It feels like a painting class, but it will not limit the theme and content of your paintings, so you have a relatively greater degree of freedom. Let’s draw superb paintings together!


Art Jamming/ Free Painting | Handmade Art Room

Artjam free painting charges, we will provide acrylic paints with the following sizes of frames 👇🏻  The charge includes one participant, an additional charge of $100/person for two people to paint a painting, reservation is required

15cm x 15cm $150/2hr (extra $50/hr)
20cm x 20cm $250/2.5hr
25cm x 30cm $280/3hr 
40cm x 40cm $350/5hr 
40cm x 50cm $400/6hr 
50cm x 60cm $500/6hr 

  • The studio offers different courses. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment.

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

  • WHATAPP:97899264(MO)

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