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  • Workshop features

  • The instructor will teach students how to use cold cooling methods,Use base+water+vegetable oil, exist50Made at low temperatures, by saponification(dry soap)Form a ready-to-use soap
  • The instructor will briefly introduce the benefits and functions of different vegetable oils,Then demonstrate it to the students,We will also teach you what you should pay attention to,And like making it at home
  • The raw materials used in the course are sourced from the UK,Philippines and other countries,The instructor will arrange a variety of soap making equipment for class use

  • content

  • The course will be taught by experienced British registered aromatherapists on soap making techniques.
  • Therapists’ expertise will be utilized within the course,Introducing the benefits of various vegetable oils,Efficacy and application
  • We will also teach how to use it in different seasons,skin condition,personal needs Making soap using different raw materials
  • Please bring one by yourself1LMilk cartons made into molds


    Workshop fee:

    Basic Soap Making$580/1Bit

    Specially selected functional soap production $850/1Bit

    (eczema soap,Cold-repelling ginger soap,Exfoliating Lavender Soap)


    Tutor profile

  • UK registered aromatherapistIFPA/IFA,International baby massage instructorIAIM,Has many years of experience in teaching soap making and aromatherapy products
  • Winning awards and being invited to participateHKFYGandHKTDCheld (Hong Kong Housewares Expo2017andEntrepreneur Day2018,Also invitedMicrosoftandCancerFundProfessor etc.,There are also self-setWorkshop
  • Love aromatherapy,Enjoy learning about different natural treatments,Love using natural products and skin care products,We hope to bring non-toxic and harmless production methods and products to everyone.,Let more people have a natural and healthy life

  • Workshops are held regularly on specific days every month. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

Handmade Soap Workshop

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