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  • Healing Pastels Workshop
    Let your fingertips meet pastel and take you on a wonderful pastel journey, making it unforgettable. 
    With just a few simple techniques, you can enter a calm and highly focused state without even realizing it.
    Enjoy the Me Time that truly belongs to you. Instructor Kyna loves creation and sends messages through paintings, 
    There is a mindfulness meaning or a small story behind each painting, and I look forward to sharing it with you.
    1.    Those who are interested in pastels
    2.    People with zero experience, regardless of age
    3.    People who want to relax, reduce stress and develop new interests

    Class content:
    Adult classes:
    1.    2 hours, $350 per person (to complete one painting); 3 hours, $450 per person (depending on student progress, up to 2 paintings can be completed)
    2. The size of each work is 15cmx15cm (you can create freely or choose imitation paintings from more than 10 self-made works by the instructor; the instructor will assist throughout the process)
    3.    One person per class, maximum 4 people per class; self-catering is welcome
    Parent-child classes:
    1.    $400/group, 2 hours (one parent + one child aged 5-12)
    2.    Parents and children complete a 15cmx15cm painting together (you can create freely or choose imitation paintings from the instructor’s more than 10 self-made works; the instructor will assist throughout the process)
    3.    One group class, two groups at most; self-organized private classes are welcome

    •    The instructor will provide materials and tools
    •    Teaching language: fluent Cantonese, English, Mandarin
    •    For the latest class times, please inquire and make an appointment via Whatsapp 97899264

  •  We welcome enterprises/groups to cooperate/Team Building
    About the tutor:
    Instructor Kyna holds valid Japanese Harmony Pastel Master Instructor Certification, and is also a singing bowl therapist and British IFA Aromatherapy Therapist.
    In 2019, I will seriously think about life, resolutely quit my so-called job, and start a life that I really like. Inspired by my own experience, I decided to teach through pastel painting, singing bowls and aromatherapy, 
    Share the knowledge you love and learn with more people, and use this to promote mindfulness information to the public, and encourage everyone to understand and love themselves more. The instructor currently focuses on teaching various harmonious pastel courses, 
    The teaching style is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but focuses on communication and inspiring students' thinking.

  • Workshops are held regularly on specific days every month. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment

Japanese Harmony Pastel Workshop

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