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  • Glass bulb workshop


    A desk lamp that looks like the banana bubbles I was obsessed with blowing when I was a kid.

    Use transparent glass balls of different sizes to construct a personalized, airy and dreamy table lamp.


    Workshop content:

  • Conceive the main shape
  • Seamlessly bond the glass ball to the main lamp ball
  • Lamps and parts joining
  • Assembling cement lamp holders and wires

    The designer teaches in person. The company's business mainly includes commercial design of lighting fixtures and shopping mall decoration, as well as its own brand of home lighting. 'd do', lighting has won design awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places.

    Instructor profile:

  • GraceEngaged in lighting installation art, lighting design and visual communication design

    Sonia Engaged in iron furniture and lighting design in Canada, and studied at Ryerson University in Toronto(Ryerson University)He further studied lighting design, and the lighting installations he designed also won awards for Arido Award CanadaAwards

    Production time:make an appointment 2 hours

  • Remarks:

  • Glass is a fragile item and needs to be placed carefully after production to avoid being touched by children or small animals.
  • size:

    Lamp ball combination size: approx.230mmø x 160mm(h)(Depending on the shape, the size may vary slightly)

    Lamp holder size: cement lamp holder 100mmø x 100mm(h)

    Finished size: approx.230mmø x 370mm(h)(Depending on the shape of the bubble lamp, the size is slightly different)


    Materials include:

  • LED Main light ball
  • Clear glass balls (different sizes25Piece)
  • Color plated bracket lamp tube
  • Cement lamp holder
  • 6Wires wrapped in cloth to connect switches
  • Borrow the tools you need

  • Workshops are held regularly on specific days every month. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

Glass bulb workshop

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