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  • The course is divided into two parts. The first lesson teaches how to read the stitch teaching chart and the skills of crocheting the bag body. Students will start crocheting the bag body in class, and then go home to continue the rest of the bag body. The second lesson is about knitting the bag mouth and handles. , students can decide the length of the handle according to their own preferences.

    Workshop fee:

    Fees:HK$1,080/seats (fees include2 x 100gHigh-quality cotton and linen balls and cotton drawstring bags, old and new$200Discounts)


    Tutor profile

    Zèbre BleuChinese means blue zebra.It was the name I used to sell at holiday flea markets when I lived in France..


    The holiday flea market over there has a mesmerizing atmosphere,And I sell my crocheted goods and accessories there every week..

    childhood,I have forgotten who gave me a big dream catcher,He also said to hang it in the bedroom
    one day,Looking at the faded dream catcher,Decided to build a new one
    then,It seems that he was addicted and made many of them.,Give it to your close friends

    unexpected,It was their joy when they received the dream catcher gift,That precious and precious feeling
    Turns out I like Dreamcatcher,not just me

    So decided to let others know about this colorful blessing

    Ornaments made by me,It’s all about putting different elements together in an imaginative way.,I especially like to use crochet techniques and color lines to create works with different changes and feelings..Because accessories are never just decoration,For me, it’s a way to express my personality and mood..


Elf Hat Crocheting Course

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