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  • Workshop features

    Fair trade recycled sari ribbons are used as handles, and each student makes a hemp rope hand-woven mesh bag.  .Starting from the details of life, we use first-class load-bearing hemp rope to make environmentally friendly hand-knitted mesh bags; during the class, the instructor will explain the basic concepts and techniques, and students can combine colors according to their own preferences to create mesh bags with a rich personal style.

  • Workshop fee:

    Fees: Tuition:$480/Including borrowing of materials and tools


    Introduction to the Instructor: Zèbre Bleu means blue zebra in Chinese. It was the name I used to sell at holiday flea markets when I lived in France. The holiday flea market there has a fascinating atmosphere, and I sell my own crocheted goods and accessories there every week. When I was a child, I had forgotten who gave me a big dream catcher. , he also said that he hung it in the bedroom for a day, looked at the faded dream catcher, and decided to make a new one. Then, he seemed addicted and made many of them, giving them to his close friends. Unexpectedly, it was them. The joy I felt when I received the gift of a dream catcher, the precious feeling. It turned out that I like dream catchers. I am not the only one, so I decided to let others know about this colorful blessing. The ornaments I made are all imaginative. Putting different elements together, I especially like to use crocheting techniques and color lines to create works with different changes and feelings. Because accessories are never just decoration, for me it is a way to express my personal mood. All works All made by hand


Saree ribbon eco-friendly mesh bag course

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