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 Workshop features

Zero basics, 2-4 hours to complete



Travel with your camera and draw with your photos!
It’s so important to make travel memories, come to the painting class now and paint your memories on the canvas with your own hands!

Zero basics, completed in 2 hours

Draw yourself, draw pets, draw family portraits, draw travel photos, draw you and me

The most special commemoration, the most heart-warming gift

Use your unlimited creativity and become a little painter for a day!



Cost: There is a fee for free painting. We will provide acrylic paint and frames with the following sizes👇🏻 The fee includes one participant. An additional $100/person will be charged for two people painting one painting.

Reservation required. Space 15cm x 15cm $150/2hr (extra $50/hr)

20cm x 20cm $250/2.5hr

25cm x 30cm $280/3hr

40cm x 40cm $350/6hr (can be divided into two times)

40cm x 50cm $400/6hr (can be divided into two times)

50cm x 60cm $500/6hr (can be divided into two times))


Workshop features

Zero basics, 2 hours

  • The studio offers different courses. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment.

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

  • WHATAPP: 97899264 (MO) 




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