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【Workshop Features】

  • The workshop will introduce the materials and uses of bubble bath balls
  • Coloring and molding techniques will be taught in the course
  • The materials selected are all natural and do not contain SLS or other irritants, making it safer for adults and children to use.
  • Sweet almond oil is added to the bubble bath ball to moisturize and soften the skin and help relieve itching, redness and dryness. Suitable for babies, dry, wrinkled, acne, and sensitive skin
  • In addition, aromatherapy oil will be added. In addition to the bursts of fragrance, it also has different therapeutic effects. It can relax the mood and make it easier to fall asleep after bathing.


  • Introduction to the types of materials and control of each stage of molding
  • Color grading focus
  • Master molding techniques, styles and patterns
  • Create unique aromatherapy bubble bath balls

【Finished product】


  • Charge: 450
  • Each student can make 4-6 three-dimensional bubble bath balls.
  • **Parenting course fee includes 1 parent + 1 child, additional parents will be charged an additional $100

  • The studio offers different courses. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment.

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

  • WHATAPP:97899264(MO)


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