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【Workshop Features】

Have you ever thought about turning your pixel NFT figures into real objects?

Jump into the 8-bit world of the 80s Famicom and use mosaic to create your own pixel NFT character, 
Complete a mosaic pixel work under the guidance of the instructor,
If you are a beginner, don’t worry,
 We will provide you with simple patterns for reference and complete your pixel NFT mosaic art work.
  - Workshop Features -  
Professional instructors provide on-site guidance on creation,
Use your imagination to design and create your own pixel characters,
Game characters brought into reality
Decorate your own comfort zone
- Price - 
18x18 pixel design  450 (additional charges will apply for larger works)

  •  Time: 2-3 hours

** If the participant is a child, he or she can be accompanied by one parent. Additional parents will be charged an additional $100.

  • The studio offers different courses. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment.

  • Address: Room 4J, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

  • WHATAPP:97899264(MO)


NFT Pixel Art Workshop

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