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Coffee Tasting Workshop:

Workshop fee: $330/1 person


Workshop features:

- Small class teaching

- Taste different typeshigh quality coffee

- Professional barista guidance



- Explain how to taste a cup of coffee

- coffee flavor

-Teach how to describe a cup of coffee in terms of sweetness, acidity, taste, and aftertaste

- Teach coffee basics


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Hand-brewed coffee workshop: $380/1 person


Workshop features:

- All students are given sufficient time to practice hand processing procedures.
- Experience the entire hand brewing process , such asHave fun with water filling techniques, using different coffee filters, etc.



- Application and differentiation between various hand tools

- Brew coffee using different ratios

- The impact of different coffee beans on brewed coffee




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Tutor profile

  • Full-time professional barista with many years of experience in teaching coffee
  • Holds multiple coffee professional certifications
  • Workshops are held regularly on specific days every month. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment

Coffee Tasting Workshop

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